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Heroes Con 2014

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Last week was the annual HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina. Just like Christmases of my youth, it feels like it was forever ago even though the calendar says differently. HeroesCon is my favorite convention. Notice I didn’t say favorite comic convention? Well for me, it’s the only true comic convention I’ve been to. I’ve been […]


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Hey Kids, So it’s official, I’m a comic book professional artist as of today. My first book came out, Jason and the Argonauts, written by David McIntee and Michael Dorman. I had a cover, which came out last year but this is the first full book done by me. I did the pencils, inks, colors and […]

Where Have YOU Been?!

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Hey kids. So a couple of weeks ago, my mom was looking at this site and railing on me. She said, “What does any of this stuff (my blog) have to do with you or your art?” The truth is… not much. I took 2013 off and keep my head down to work. Jut trying […]

Movie Magic

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So I’ve been turning to do more warm ups for my work day. It’s a time to loosen the muscles and to try new things. Things such as practice the human figure or color theory.  So what’s the easiest way to practice and learn from, I mean where does one look? One place to look is magazines and adds […]

Some New Inspiration Thanks to James Gurney

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Hey Guys, How are you all doing? Ugh, what a week. Been one of those did a lot but not a lot of art. One major high light though was a big one. James Gurney did a lecture and demo this week all along Georgia. James Gurney isa morden day master of paints. He is […]

Sketch Dump of the Future

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Hey Kids, Hows it going? Not bad just been working hard. Well been practicing and got some more sketches. Hope ya enjoy.  -Greathouse                                  Keep an eye out for The Black Crown Society

Heroes Con 2012 Wrap Up.

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So just like every year as a kid, Christmas seem to be a blur. Heroes con has become that way in my adult years. After months of prepping and getting ready. It’s all over. As with each year, the show for me seems to get better by leaps of faith. I always leave excited, little […]

Heroes Con

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Hey guys, How are you all doing? It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. If you don’t know, this weekend is Heroes Con 30th anniversary. I am happy to say I’ll be apart of it. I’ll be at table AA-748 Not only going but I’m bring a big bash of new things. First, a new […]

The New Way of Doing Things

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Hey kids, So this year I’ve been doing my webcomics all digital. From start to finish, pencils, inks and colors. Getting great results from it and getting more done. However, a few years prior to this though, I was all traditional. I didn’t like the idea of doing anything on the computer. I would actually […]