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Hey Kids,


So it’s official, I’m a comic book professional artist as of today. My first book came out, Jason and the Argonauts, written by David McIntee and Michael Dorman. I had a cover, which came out last year but this is the first full book done by me. I did the pencils, inks, colors and lettering for this book. In comics, that’s what makes you a real pro. Putting in the time and work in the actual comic/story telling. It’s a lot of work but at the same time, it’s my vision.  Which in some ways is scary. Not going in as a group or having someone else to lean on. Nope just me. However, it’s a great feeling know this is what I wanted people to see. So a weird mix , I guess is what I’m trying to say.

This has been a one hellish road,  a lot harder then I ever thought it would be. I heard all the time, “You’ll have to make sacrifices and give up a lot to make your dreams a reality.” When I heard this in and just out of college, I really didn’t believe. I honestly thought I would roll right into comics with no trouble. Be one of the top artist out of the gates.  It’s taken me five years. Five years of drawing, sweat and a lot of tears. It’s been a lot of late nights, lonely hours and lot of lines to get here.

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The truth is, all that hardship and work made this moment sweeter. When I woke up this morning and logged into Comixology and saw my Cover, for my book… it was one of the sweetest moments of life. (After I found it, missed it the first pass haha.) I’ve made it. I have made a giant step toward my dream. A dream I’ve been told many times I would never accomplished… Now, like most things in life I didn’t do this alone. There a couple of people I need to thank. Without them I won’t be any were close.

First up, are my Parents. They have always and I know always support me. There to cheer me on and help me when I have fallen. Always there to listen to me and to snap me back to ground. They have been excited and always encouraged my art. Which it amazes me how many families don’t do that. I am truly blessed to have them in my life, thank you.

Second up, Abby (my cat.) I know it’s cheesy but at some of the darkest moments when I felt like all was lost (I’m not kidding, I really had some dark moments. I try not to share them or make them public.) All of a sudden I would feel a little rub at my elbow and meow. She’s with me every day and at less once a day comes into the room whinny cause I’m not next to her. Then usually tearing my arm up a couple hours later haha.

Third, All my Wonderful Friends. Too many to name. Thank you for letting me bounce ideas off you, bitching about life or just being able to help me relax and forget my troubles. Comic artist joke abou being trolls, living in a bubble or something about the lonely hours. The truth is,  I do spend a lot of time a lone but never feels like that since I have some many wonderful people in my life. Thank you all.

Last but not less, is Brian Stelfreeze. Right before I left Scad, I was told to find this man and ask for his help. It started just with me going to life drawing and look over his shoulder. Truth is, I had no idea who he was or he was a comic artist (let a lone of the greats of our times.) Then I was lucky enough to get  the chance to take a painting class taught by Brian. Which lead to trying more and more paintings, which lead to critiques. Which lead to him looking at all my work and giving me feed back. That’s when my art turned from ok to wow this good. It took many many hours of bugging him and listening to his feed back. Then many many more hours taking what he has said and trying to apply it to my art. I dread hearing the words from Brian “Dude, you are piss me off right now.” However, those words are always followed up by knowledge and a chance to grow. He is one of the greatest in comics, not just art but he makes times for fans and new artists. Thanks again Brian.

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So I’ve made it… time to kick back and… nope. Comics, I’ve realize is like sailing the open sea. I’ve finally gotten to the point to set sail. Time to open my sail and leave the docks. Now comes the real work. I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you and reflex a bit on the past. Time to look forward and keep making waves. Thanks again and be sure to buy my book. It’s got a lot of fun moments an monster… a Lot of them. I also wanted to Thank Blue Water Productions for giving me a chance. Also David McIntee and Michael Dorman for writing a solid and fun story. Thanks again everyone.


P.S. you can also find Jason at Itunes. Thanks again.

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