Where Have YOU Been?!

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Hey kids.

So a couple of weeks ago, my mom was looking at this site and railing on me. She said, “What does any of this stuff (my blog) have to do with you or your art?” The truth is… not much. I took 2013 off and keep my head down to work. Jut trying to improve my art. Which is good but I need to get myself out there more also. So one way is back on this blog.












One big news from 2013  was my first cover in comics. Boom! Studios gave me the opportunity to do a cover for the “Regular Show“. It was a fun project, especially since this was the image I wanted to draw out of my thumbnails. I learned a lot from this whole thing. When it finally hit the shelves I was more sad then excited in truth. I’ve looked forward it to entering the world for a couple of months and had no other projects lined up. Kind of hit home I need more work and needed to push myself more.  Which I have done, so a lot of good come from this image. I’m still proud of this image and to be apart of this fun show. If you want to get one you can find them here.

This year also leant to a lot of great work. Instead of taking  forever on each one. I’m just going to show you them. Going to be a mix of comics, watercolors and images. Make sure to check out the gallery or Scotty Odyssey for more.  I am very much excited for 2014 and everything that lies ahead. Hope you dig and make sure to check out my twitter, facebook and tumbler. Thanks again and have a good one.

sketch notosketch jake_sketch bond amy_sketch beaver MisterMiracle oldskulldude the_shield the bw shield chinese punk girl draw tiffany Hong Kong city Steve McQueen Color visual action lead sketches aim,focus,shoot testAFS page 1 AFS page 5 AFS page 4 AFS page 3 AFS page 2 Dwarves Strip-232 x-mas-card-2013 Strip-231 Strip-230 Strip-229 Strip-228 Strip-221 Strip-220 page size page size page size page size strip-200 page size strip-198 page size page size page size page size page size page size page sizepicture026 Harley face softeningthestoneAmy HeadshotTarzan Colortask master Harley-Ivy logan junglewoman harley quin amy sketch page size conan color conan inks O'brian strip-188 backgroundDwarves joker and harleyspace dragon Space cop snowball Conan head sketch caveman wizard-03 sketch Body bags Big Barda 598513_493914317296305_1794994456_n


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