Posted by on Feb 20, 2012 in Blog

Hey kids,

How are ya’ll doing this fine monday? I’m doing good. Lately I have been working hard at changing how I do this whole art thing. An artist name Brian Stelfreeze showed me how he does thumbnails. Which I won’t lie, has changed how I do things now. Starting with a good plan and foundation makes life sooo Much easier! What he does is a thing called “Black,White Gray”. Basically using simple shapes of black, white or gray to figure out your composition. By doing this you are figuring out the basic and by doing this your image with have a greater impact. So here is some of the thumbnails I have done so far. I got some practice to work on but just wanna share this with you guys.


Here is some examples how it has effected my comic. The first is how I use to do my thumbnails. By figuring out the blacks, I can not only produce this faster but easier as well!


The last thing is an exercise I’m still doing that has helped me out a lot. There is a movie called the “Big Combo.” It’s a black & white movie, however the whole thing is shoot beautiful in contrast. These are 16 from just the first five minutes. It is a work out and great practice. Hope this has been helpful and look forward to better and faster strips from me soon. -Greathouse